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Last weeks works consisted of the recovering of an old asphalt roof using new torch on roofing membrane

The Roofing Dublin works took place on a flat roof in Dublin 12

There is approximately 320m2 of roof area to be recovered and 3 no. lights to be sealed and 3 no. breather vents to be flash

Before Picture Below Roofing Dublin, New Roof Dublin

Before (Old Asphalt Roof)

Before (Old Asphalt Roof)


Pictures of works in progress see photo below:

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Roofing works in progress

Roofing works in progress

We used the Plura R product from Pluvitec which is a specially designed system for covering old asphalt and green mineral roofs

The product has an excellent roofing finish and we no can provide a roofing warranty for the roof, by both roofers and manufacturers

See The Finished Roofing pictures below:

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Roof Finishes

Roof Finishes

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