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This week we had a number of small domestic works to be carried out, the first one was problem on the north side of  Dublin Roofing, Roof Repairs!

It consisted of a leaking lead valley, the reason for this is that the lead roofing was laid over each other and the was no separation between the lead and the had slip over time

Because the Dublin roofing, Roofer Dublin was an extension no roll joint was installed

We provide and new torch on valley detail, by remove 3no. course of tiles and ridge tiles and put new plywood down and torch bonded the material to the roofing Dublin timber, this provide a cost effective roofing solution to our client who was very happy with the works we carried out and provide them with a warranty to state the same Roofer Dublin, Dublin Roofing Contractor, also we primed and felt the parapet wall to encase the roofing area in question with one simple cost effective roofing solution please finished picture below:

Roofing Dublin

New Valley Call out Roofing Dublin, roofing repairs Dublin


the second job was on the Dublin Roofing south-side, we had a call out earlier in the roofing Dublin year and provide client with quotation and documentation in their application for Grant roofing Works (Please feel free to call me about grant roofing or revenues HRI Scheme)

We remove a slated porch and fitted new roman roll tiles from Roadstone Roofing Dublin, you can see from the picture below what the roof looked like before as the neighbors look the same as the old roof

Roofing Dublin, Roof Repairs Dublin, Call out Roofing Dublin

We also fitted new lead flashing counter flashing and soaker flashing details

Lead Roofing, Tiling Dublin, Grant work Dublinimg_3246

New lead Work

New tiled Roof Dublin


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